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We devote ourselves to promoting equal access to education by participating in different back to school events.


Dr. Jackie Walker and Ms. Velvet Smith invited Live in Love Community Service to be a community resource vendor at the School-n-Sip for the Swanson Homes Community in Portsmouth Virginia. The event assisted parents and students in preparing for the upcoming school year by providing free school supplies, resources for in-school counselors, special education resources, and more. Live in Love promoted education and self-esteem by giving information regarding our Annual Scholarship, marketing our Life Skills workshops, and giving out supplies to enhance children’s self-esteem.


Live in Love Community Service volunteered to assist Truth Transformation Ministries with their Back to School Drive. We helped pass out materials for school, such as backpacks, pencils, paper, crayons, notebooks, and more.

While we were there, we awarded the 1st Annual Live in Love Scholarship to Sekhiyah Abdul. It was an awesome experience to give back and help the community.

Here are some snaps we had:

Upcoming Events

Life Skills Workshops
Life Skills Workshops poster


First Baptist Church South Portsmouth 1445 Centre Avenue Portsmouth, VA

Live in Love Community Service will be facilitated two life skills workshops for ages 12 through 18. The workshops will cover basic life skills, such as goal setting, house cleaning, cooking, managing emotions, healthy decision making skills, etiquette, resume building, job hunting, basic interpersonal skills, hygiene, problem-solving, money management, career planning, and more!

When: The workshops will take place October 6th and 13th from 7 pm until 9 pm. Come and join us!


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We provide teen mothers the opportunity to pursue their dreams through supported education.

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