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Live in Love Community Service is a community servant that advocates a healthy mental state of individuals and continuity of education, especially for female children who are suffering from psychological issues due to traumatic experiences and teen mothers who wish to continue studying. As such, Live in Love strictly follows and implements safety and preventive protocol as recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization.

All our staff members are regularly checked and monitored for any possible signs and symptoms of COVID-19. They are required to wear essential personal protective equipment, such as face mask, face shield, and gloves, as deemed necessary. Live in Love also advises all of our employees and those we serve to stay home as much as possible, especially when they are sick or not feeling well, and to follow the guidelines established by health organizations and governing bodies.

If any of our employees and those we serve are exposed to the virus, we advise them to notify the organization immediately and refrain from reporting to work and going outside. They are also provided with clear instructions about the guidelines on how they can help slow its spread.

Additionally, Live in Love suspends or postpones all non-essential, work-related travel for the health and safety of our employees and everyone we serve. This protocol will be evaluated and updated as needed.

Live in Love is also continuously evaluating the risk of COVID-19 exposure in our facility in accordance with OSHA requirements and current CDC and WHO recommendations. In the event of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 exposure, Live in Love Community Service will promptly coordinate with appropriate federal, state, or local health officials to determine the appropriate response to this situation.

Moreover, we highly encourage everyone to maintain a healthy mental state by taking occasional breaks from the news about the coronavirus and spend time cultivating their cognitive potential by engaging in recreational activities, doing video calls, and meditating with the family.

Getting verified information about the COVID-19 pandemic is also essential in boosting your mental health. As such, we recommend you follow and get the latest news from the following:

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