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We are a group of extraordinary women who work hand in hand with love to help the young females achieve their dreams.
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Live in Love Community Service is composed of a team of extraordinary women who have been single mothers but continued to pursue their higher education goals while balancing life, family, and school.

These women have become phenomenal businesswomen and entrepreneurs while balancing motherhood and daily challenges:

  • Terah Thomas (Founder and Owner)
  • Tiffany Stokley (Computer Engineer)
  • Iara Mangum Hall (Teacher’s Assistant)
  • Brittney Dennis (Social Worker)
  • Christina Nash (Forensic Scientist)

We wish to inspire other teen mothers to overcome barriers, enhance decision-making skills, and reach their goals by providing a support system that will relate to their story.

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Intensive In-Home Counseling Services

Let us have a friendly, understanding, personal conversation so we can guide and help you cope with your situation.

Adult Mental Community Support Group

We ensure that our clients have access to the community resources they need.


We provide teen mothers the opportunity to pursue their dreams through supported education.

The Live in Love Foundation, Inc.

We reach out to at-risk individuals and communities through arts and crafts and clinical support.

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Find out how we can support individuals and communities to have healthier mental state and reach their dreams.