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Helping individuals have proper education and reach their dreams

How it came about

The 1st Annual Live in Love Scholarship came from our Founder who had an idea to assist a teen mother to continue her education while also providing close mentoring. The founder made some phone calls to close friends who were also mothers, and the 1st Annual Scholarship Fundraiser was birthed.

We reached our goal

We were able to raise $1000 for our first Scholarship Fund which was promoted through Fundrazr.com, Facebook, and word of mouth from family and friends.
Check out our fundraiser video and story by clicking the link below!

Scholarship Recipient

Ms. Sekhiyah Abdul is a graduate of Indian River high school. She managed to graduate with a 3.7 GPA while being bedridden during her pregnancy. She’s so ambitious and determined, she currently works while making plans to attend ODU. Sekhiyah’s career goal is to be a Social Worker and will major in Human Services this upcoming school year. Sekhiyah is supported by family and friends as well as her significant other. The Live in Love committee pans to support her during her first year of college and as needed. It takes a villager and we are excited to help Sekhiyah reach her goals.

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Christina Hayes Nash (far left) is a native of Portsmouth Virginia and is a natural go-getter. Mrs. Nash’s honesty and forward personality serves as a force within our organization. Christina is currently a forensic scientist and has a lovely daughter by the name of Maia and husband by the name of Marcus Nash. Although Christina lives in Northern Virginia, her input and presence remains.

Tiffany Stokley (next to left) is a native of Portsmouth Virginia with a natural calm demeanor. Tiffany’s role within Live in Love is the community representative. Tiffany is the mother of two; DJ and Aubrie. Ms. Stokley is a computer engineer and still finds time to dedicate her time to Live in Love Community Service.

Terah Thomas (mid right) is a native of Portsmouth Virginia and the Founder of Live in Love Community Service. Ms. Thomas is determined and willing to help those in need. Terah is compassionate, strong-willed, and hard working and instills such qualities to others. Terah Thomas is the loving mother of two girls, Nyah and Malayah; Terah serves as a Qualified Mental Health Professional as well as operates the Adult Group Home.

Iara Mangum-Hall (far right) is a native of Portsmouth Virginia and serves as the Media Manager for Live in Love Community Service. Iara is the wife of Lee Hall and the mother of Malia and LJ. Iara’s passion for helping the community speaks volumes to her work ethic and to those she encounters. Mrs. Mangum-Hall serves as a teacher’s assistant in Portsmouth Public Schools and continues to be a role model for others.

Please print, complete, and mail to P.O. Box 13921 Chesapeake VA 23325

Applicants can submit their application to 1545 Crossways Blvd Suite 250 Chesapeake VA 23325

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